ESL Reading Worksheets

This page has ESL reading worksheets for you to download and use. They will help you learn English and get better at using English. Each worksheet has a reading comprehension passage with questions after it.

Newest Reading Worksheet

The Excellent ESL 4U site is always being updated with new material. The most recent reading worksheet is given below, and the older ones are at the end of this page.

ESL New Year reading worksheet

The material on these worksheets comes from the reading comprehension section of the Excellent ESL 4U website. The reading passages and questions are the same, just in a format you can download and do offline. 

ESL reading worksheets will help you learn English.

You could use the free reading worksheets if you are working with your friends at home and all want to do the same task at the same time.

After the reading passage and questions, on the last page of the worksheet, are the answers to the questions. Do not look at them until you have answered the questions.

All the ESL reading worksheets on this page are about separate topic areas (for example, shopping or the weather), and there are other complementary worksheets about the same topics in the following sections:

The vocabulary worksheet includes an extensive vocabulary list that you can look at if you do not understand any words. You can also download ESL flashcards with the vocabulary to help you learn it all.

By doing the reading activity on this reading worksheet it will help you really remember the vocabulary.

Try to learn the vocabulary was well as you can before starting the reading comprehension exercise. You do not want to have to stop to look up every word. You should have learnt enough of the vocabulary so that you are able to read most of the passage and understand it.

ESL Reading Worksheets

Click the following links to download each worksheet as a pdf document. You can then save it on your computer and print it out to use it.

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