ESL Conversation Worksheets

You can use the ESL conversation worksheets on this page to learn English by yourself at home or with your friends. By using the worksheets to guide you, you will have a structured path to follow during your learning.

ESL conversation worksheets can help you get better at using English.

Newest Conversation Worksheet

The following is the most recently added worksheet to this section of the Excellent ESL 4U site. New material is being added regularly so check back often for more worksheets.

ESL New Year conversation worksheet

You can download all the conversation worksheets on this page for free and use them as you need to at home. The material in the worksheets is the same as that on the pages in the ESL conversation section of the Excellent ESL 4U website. It is just being offered like this as well so you can select the best option for you personally: learn online at the site or download and learn offline.

The worksheets do not contain all the background information form the webpages, just the exercises, so you will have to look at the site to get the introduction material and then can do the activities on the worksheets offline if you download them.

Each of the ESL conversation worksheets on this page contains three exercises. In the first you need to fill in the blanks in a conversation by choosing the best option from a list given. In the second you need to write a conversation of your own; then you can try speaking it out loud with a group of friends. Finally, the third exercise has two groups of topics that you can use to have a conversation with your friends.

Then on the final page there are the answers to the multiple choice questions from the first exercise.

For each of the topic areas that these conversations are about there are four other complementary worksheets, as follows:

The vocabulary worksheets start with a list of vocabulary words and their definitions that you should use. Try to learn them before doing the conversation exercises. You can also download the vocabulary list from the ESL flashcards page.

ESL Conversation Worksheets

The following list contains all the conversation worksheets that you can download. Just click on a link and the worksheet will open in another window. From there you can save it to your own computer to use in the future.

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