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ESL for kids is very important. 

Learning English for kids is very important as young children are better able to remember the new vocabulary. Therefore, you should do as much as you can to give children stimulating material to work with.

The ESL kids section of the Excellent ESL 4U site contains lots of children’s English material, such as the following:

Most of the material in the ESL for kids section is as worksheets for you to download and do with your children.

The material is focused on the two areas of learning new vocabulary, as well as its pronunciation, and being able to write the words. Much of the material for the children to do this is in the form of ESL kids games.

Newest ESL for Kids Page

The most recent page that has been added to the site is included below. New material is being added to the Excellent ESL 4U site all the time. Keep checking back to see what’s new. 

ESL kids food 2 vocabulary

Learn to Write

The material in the first section about ESL kids alphabet writing will help children learn how to write the English letters. The ESL kids writing page has worksheets so they will be able to practice writing the letters as well as full words while doing some colouring. 

There are worksheets about how to write the capital and lowercase letters, as well as ones where the children are able to practice writing all the words from each vocabulary topic.

ESL for Kids Vocabulary

All of the material is based around vocabulary lists of words that are all related to the same topic area. On the ESL kids vocabulary page each vocabulary item is illustrated by a picture to show its meaning. These can also be downloaded as picture flashcards that you can used offline at home. You can also listen to the words being spoken by a native English speaker so you can learn the correct pronunciation.

To help learn the vocabulary items there are ESL kids worksheets where the children learning the English need to match the word and picture. There are also wordsearches for kids for each vocabulary topic.

ESL Games for Kids

The ESL games for kids will help with the learning of the vocabulary. There are dominos for each vocabulary topic where you can download them and cut them out so you can play a matching game for the words and pictures.

Another game is a crossword where the picture clues show the words that need to be used to fill in the gaps.

What Now

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