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To be able to work anywhere is important, and this page with ESL printables collects all the material from the Excellent ESL 4U site that can be printed into one place so you can download it, print it and use it wherever it is convenient for you.

Not everyone works the same way when learning English, or doing anything, so this site offers you a range of ways of using the material. 

Firstly, you could use the site. For this you would read all the material and do all the exercises on line. To do this you would need an Internet connection and a computer or smart phone. 

Secondly, if that was not possible, you could download all the material from the site as pdf documents (as ESL printables) and do the work off line using the printed paper and a pen or pencil.

The third way you could use the material in the future is through a range of apps, but these have not been developed yet. So watch out in the future for this to come to the site.

All of the ESL printables on this page can help you learn English.

What is the ESL Printables Material?

The material on this page that you can download and print comes from the vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and conversation sections of the Excellent ESL site. It is in the form of worksheets and flashcards. The worksheets are summaries of all the pages on this site that include the exercises you should do to get better at English.

Then at the end of the page there is all the printable material form the ESL kids section of this website. There ESL kids picture vocabulary flashcards, kids games, kids worksheets and wordsearches for kids as well as alphabet writing material for you o download. 

ESL Vocabulary Flashcards

ESL Vocabulary Worksheets

ESL Reading Worksheets

ESL Writing Worksheets

ESL Listening Worksheets

ESL Conversation Worksheets

ESL Conversation Cards

ESL Kids Printables

ESL Kids Picture Flashcards

Kids Games


Picture vocabulary board games

Picture crosswords

Picture bingo

Kids Worksheets

Multiple choice matching worksheets

Tracing worksheets

Tracing and matching worksheets

Tracing and writing worksheets

Writing worksheets

Spelling worksheets

Wordsearches for Kids

Alphabet Writing

Capital Letters

Lowercase Letters

What Next?

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