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If you do the exercise on this ESL hotel reading page you will be able to see and learn some hotel vocabulary being used in an authentic way. When you try to read something you have time to look up new words, this means that doing reading tasks is a good way to learn new vocabulary.

There is an ESL hotel reading passage and questions on this page to help you learn hotel vocabulary.

You should read the ESL hotel reading passage on this page and try to understand as much of it as you can. Take your time to stop and look up words that you do not know and try to fully understand the sentences. It is good to work slowly when you are first trying to learn new vocabulary. You can use the ESL hotel vocabulary page to find the meanings of any hotel words that you do not know.

Once you have finished the reading the ESL hotel reading passage you should try to answer the questions that follow it. These will test how well you really understood the passage. You can use the get score button to see how many you got right and the correct answers once you have indicted your choice for each of them.

ESL Hotel Reading Comprehension Passage

Types of Hotel

There are many types of hotel, big and small. Big hotels, which are part of a 'group', offer guests a standard that does not vary from one location to another. Hotels can be awarded 'Stars' if their facilities match the Tourist Boards specifications. The more stars, the higher the standards. There is also a 'Red Star' accolade awarded for excellent cuisine.

People expect rooms with ensuite facilities. There is also a choice of single, double or family rooms to book. Hotels in large busy cities often have triple glazed windows to help reduce the noise of passing traffic.

When you stay in a hotel, the facilities are reflected in the price of the accommodation. Many establishments have swimming pools, squash courts, health clubs, gymnasiums and indoor play areas for young family members. Some of these activities can be used by non-residents, providing they pay the subscription fee. There are hotels with golf courses in their grounds. Some have lakes that are offered to guests who wish to fish or take out a boat to fill their leisure time.

A good hotel with pleasant helpful staff contributes to making a holiday enjoyable and encourages return visits. Christmas cards are sent to regular guests from the hotel management. A varied choice of fresh food beautifully presented in a dining area with lovely views, all add to the holiday experience.

If the guests do not wish to dine in the restaurant, room service is an alternative. A menu is supplied in the room from which guests can order. When the food is ready, a member of staff will bring it to the room. If the guests have to leave early in the morning before the dining room is serving breakfast, an order can be placed the night before leaving and breakfast will be delivered to the room at the desired time. There is always a list of the restaurant opening times in the room.

Most hotels ask their guests to vacate their rooms by 10 o'clock on the day of their departure. This is so the staff have enough time to clean the room, make up the bed and generally tidy the area, before the next occupants arrive. New visitors to a hotel do not usually have access to their room until after mid-day.

ESL Hotel Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension questions that go with the above reading passage.

1) Why are hotels awarded stars?
        A) They indicate the number of rooms in the building.
        B) The stars are a way of knowing what facilities they offer.
        C) They tell guests the hotel is open all year.
        D) The stars indicate the size of the grounds.
2) Why do hotels in busy cities have double and triple glazed windows?
        A) It helps to reduce noise levels.
        B) To stop the sun shining in.
        C) To keep the window cleaners busy.
        D) They give a clearer view.
3) What facilities are offered to non-residents?
        A) Only the bedrooms.
        B) Non-residents are not welcome.
        C) Only play areas for children.
        D) The dining room, adjacent golf courses and the fitness areas.
4) What does room service mean?
        A) Food and drink can be delivered to your room.
        B) The guests have to leave.
        C) An electrician comes to turn off the lights.
        D) The room is ready for cleaning.
5) Why are guests asked to vacate their rooms by 10 am on departure day?
        A) To check nothing has been stolen.
        B) So that the room can be cleaned ready for the next occupants.
        C) So the room can be repainted.
        D) To let the staff sit in it when they are tired.

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