ESL Pets Listening

This page has ESL pets listening exercises that you can use to get better at understanding and listening to spoken English vocabulary about pets.

ESL pet listening exercises and practice will help you get better at using pets vocabulary.

There are four exercises for you to try as follows:

  • Listening to words and finding the matching order.
  • Listening to a definition and finding the matching word.
  • A listening comprehension passage and questions.
  • A dictation passage.

If you need any help understanding the vocabulary used in these pets listening exercises then go to the ESL pets vocabulary page. That page also has a recording of the vocabulary spoken by a native speaker that you can listen to so you are familiar with the pronunciation. Possibly listen to the spoken vocabulary while also looking at the flashcards. This will be a good way to learn the vocabulary before doing the exercises on this page.

ESL Pets Listening Exercises

Exercise 1 – Identification of Spoken Word Order

In the first ESL pets listening exercise you need to listen to the recoding of five sets of words with five words in each set and then decide which option (A-D) has the same order in the following questions. Try to answer the questions after listening to the recording only once or twice, but if you need to listen more that is ok.

ESL Pets Identification of Spoken Word Order

Listen to the recording of the five groups of five words each given above and decide which option (A-D) in the five questions in this test has the correct order.

1) Which is the correct order for group of words one?
        A) Fur, Microchip, To pet, Cage, Domestic pig
        B) Fur, Domestic pig, Cage, Microchip, To pet
        C) Microchip, To pet, Fur, Domestic pig, Cage
        D) Cage, To pet, Microchip, Domestic pig, Fur
2) Which is the correct order for group of words two?
        A) Food bowl, Fur, Adorable, Kitten, Horse
        B) Food bowl, Horse, Kitten, Fur, Adorable
        C) Fur, Adorable, Food bowl, Horse, Kitten
        D) Kitten, Adorable, Fur, Horse, Food bowl
3) Which is the correct order for group of words three?
        A) Kennel, Crawl, Ride, Food, Dog
        B) Kennel, Dog, Food, Crawl, Ride
        C) Crawl, Ride, Kennel, Dog, Food
        D) Food, Ride, Crawl, Dog, Kennel
4) Which is the correct order for group of words four?
        A) Meow, Pigeon, Gecko, Vet, Pet owner
        B) Meow, Pet owner, Vet, Pigeon, Gecko
        C) Pigeon, Gecko, Meow, Pet owner, Vet
        D) Vet, Gecko, Pigeon, Pet owner, Meow
5) Which is the correct order for group of words five?
        A) Groomer, Purr, Claws, Ferret, Pet shop
        B) Groomer, Pet shop, Ferret, Purr, Claws
        C) Purr, Claws, Groomer, Pet shop, Ferret
        D) Ferret, Claws, Purr, Pet shop, Groomer

Score =

Correct answers:

Exercise 2 – Identify Meaning of Spoken Definition

In this exercise the recording has the definition of five words recorded. You need to choose the correct word (options A-D) in each of the five questions that matches the spoken definition.

ESL Pets Listening Identification of Vocabulary Meaning

Listen to the recording of the meanings of the five vocabulary words given above and decide which word out of the options (A-D) in each question matches the meaning.

1) What is the meaning of the first definition in the recording?
        A) Meow
        B) Kennel
        C) Bark
        D) Horse
2) What is the meaning of the second definition in the recording?
        A) Rat
        B) Cage
        C) Gerbil
        D) Gold fish
3) What is the meaning of the third definition in the recording?
        A) Hops
        B) Wag
        C) Chirp
        D) Friendly
4) What is the meaning of the fourth definition in the recording?
        A) Hamster
        B) Snake
        C) Groom
        D) Domestic pig
5) What is the meaning of the fifth definition in the recording?
        A) Collar
        B) Food bowl
        C) Tie up
        D) Feathers

Score =

Correct answers:

Exercise 3 – Listening Comprehension

Listen to the following passage about pets and then answer the five questions that follow it.

At the end of this page there is a link to click that will show the text of the passage so you can check your understanding.

ESL Pets Listening Comprehension

Listen to the recording of the passage about Pets above and answer the following five questions.

1) What is the basic reason to keep a pet?
        A) They offer protection.
        B) They make people happy.
        C) They teach children responsibility.
        D) They help people get fit.
2) What do children need to be when looking after pets?
        A) Gentle and caring
        B) Loud and fast
        C) Slow and sleepy
        D) Happy and excited
3) What will feeding a pet and cleaning up after it teach children?
        A) Hard work
        B) Happiness
        C) Responsibility
        D) Nothing
4) Why are dogs good for people who need to be healthier?
        A) They need to be taken for walks.
        B) They will eat all the food.
        C) They will cause the person to be worried.
        D) They will scare other people away.
5) How will a dog protect someone?
        A) They will lick bad people.
        B) They will bark at family members.
        C) They will wag their tail and make noise.
        D) They will bark at criminals.

Score =

Correct answers:

Exercise 4 – Dictation

In this pets listening exercise you have to listen to the following passage and write it down. The passage is spoken twice in the recording. The first time at a slow speaking speed and for the second with pauses after every few words and the punctuation spoken.

Once you have finished the dictation exercise you can go to the bottom of the page where there is a link to show the text of the passage so you can check your answer.

Listening Comprehension and Dictation Passages

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Dictation Passage
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