ESL Kids Kitchen Vocabulary 2

The second list of ESL kids kitchen vocabulary words has another 20 items on this page. Along with the ESL kids kitchen 1 vocabulary on the first page you can use these words to teach your children all about the items found in kitchens.

This ESL kids kitchen vocabulary 2 page has picture flashcards and downloadable material for your children.

This page is made up of two parts: the first part introduces the vocabulary while the second part has worksheets and games to help your kids learn the vocabulary. In the first part there is a list of twenty kitchen vocabulary words with pictures to show their meaning. The vocabulary can also be downloaded as flashcards or watched as a video where your children can hear the correct way to says the words as they are spoken by a native English speaker.

Then for the second part there are various items that you can download and use with your children so they can practice using the vocabulary they have learnt. There are games, worksheets and a wordsearch for you to download as pdf documents. There is the following material available:

  • 4 ESL kids games.
  • 6 ESL kids worksheets.
  • 1 wordsearch for kids.

ESL Kids Kitchen Vocabulary List

The following list of twenty vocabulary items about kids kitchens has a picture of each word so your kids can see what each word means. You can download the vocabulary and pictures as picture flashcards that you can use when you have a few moments of free time. After that there is a video of the vocabulary being spoken that has the flashcards being shown at the same time.

coffee machine

deep fryer

draining board









oven glove

rolling pin

salt and pepper






washing-up liquid

Kids Kitchen Vocabulary Picture Flashcards

You can download the following picture flashcards of the kids kitchen vocabulary by either clicking on the picture or link. When you do this you will be able to save the pdf to your own computer. You should use these flashcards to teach your children the vocabulary whenever you have some time.

Kids kitchen picture flashcards 2

Spoken Kitchen Vocabulary

You can watch the following ESL kids kitchen vocabulary video with your kids so they can hear how to say the kitchen words with the correct pronunciation. The video has the picture flashcards being shown at the same time as the words are spoken by a native English speaker. Your kids can listen as often as they need to so they can learn the correct way to say the words.

Worksheets and Games about Kids Kitchen Vocabulary

In the second part of the page there are several games, worksheets and a wordsearch that you can download and let your children do so they can learn the vocabulary better. Click the following links and you will be able to download the pdf documents. Do not use all of them at the same time. Do one or two on one day and then the next one or two on a following day, and so on. You can play the games several times.

ESL games for kids

ESL kids worksheets

Wordsearch for kids

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