ESL Kids Kitchen Vocabulary 1

This first ESL kids kitchen vocabulary page has twenty words for your children to learn. These words are all about the items that you might find in a kitchen. There is also the ESL kids kitchen 2 vocabulary page that has another twenty words.

You can use this ESL kids kitchen vocabulary 1 page with your children to teach them words about items in a kitchen.

The first part of this page is a picture vocabulary list. Each word is illustrated with a picture so you will be able to show your kids what it means. This will help them learn the words faster. There are also some ESL kids kitchen vocabulary picture flashcards that you can download and use at home. Following the flashcards there is a recording of the vocabulary being spoken by a native English speaker. You and your kids can watch a video of the flashcards while the words are spoken. 

Then the second part of the page has downloadable material that you can use at home with your children. There are games, worksheets and a wordsearch. If you do these with your kids it will help them remember all the vocabulary so they will be able to use it in the future. The material to download is as follows:

  • 4 ESL kids games.
  • 6 ESL kids worksheets.
  • 1 wordsearch for kids.

ESL Kids Kitchen Vocabulary List

The list of twenty ESL kids kitchen vocabulary words in this section describe many of the items that your children will see and need to use in a kitchen. This means they will be able to remember the words each time they are in a kitchen. Try to help you kids learn the words by looking at the following list with pictures or downloading the picture flashcard that follow the list and then listening to the video with the correct pronunciation.


counter top




extractor hood

food mixer


frying pan



kitchen scales




rice cooker

rubber gloves

sauce pan



Kids Kitchen Vocabulary Picture Flashcards

The following kids picture flashcards can be downloaded and used to help your kids learn the kitchen words any time. Just carry them with you and look at a few when there is time. You only need to click on the following picture or link and you can save them to your own computer.

Kids kitchen picture flashcards 1

Spoken Kitchen Vocabulary

The following video has the ESL kids kitchen vocabulary being spoken by a native English speaker so you and your children can hear the correct pronunciation. You can watch the video and see the flashcards while listening to the spoken words as often as you like. Watch it one day and then again the next day and then another day until the pronunciation is correct.

Worksheets and Games about Kids Kitchen Vocabulary

The final part of the ESL kids kitchen vocabulary page has games, worksheets and a wordsearch you can download so your kids can practice using the kitchen vocabulary. Just click each of the following links to download the pdf file for each task. You should use one or two each day and repeat the games several times.

ESL games for kids

ESL kids worksheets

Wordsearch for kids

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