ESL Halloween Listening

These ESL Halloween listening exercises on this page will help you learn vocabulary related to the Halloween celebration.

ESL Halloween listening activities to help improve your English.

On the ESL Halloween vocabulary page there is a spoken list of the Halloween vocabulary so you can use that to learn how the words sound before starting the exercises on this page. There are 4 exercises for you to do on this page as follows:

  • Identification of spoken word order
  • Identification of the meaning of a spoken definition
  • A listening comprehension
  • Dictation passage

Just scroll down the page to find the part that you want to do.

ESL Halloween Listening Exercises

Exercise 1 – Identification of Spoken Word Order

In this Halloween listening exercise you need to listen to the recording of 5 groups of 5 words each and then identify the correct option (A-D) from the following questions that has the words in the same order as in the recording. If you need to, listen to the recording several times.

ESL Halloween Identification of Spoken Word Order

Listen to the recording of the five groups of five words each given above and decide which option (A-D) in the five questions in this test has the correct order.

1) Which is the correct order for group of words one?
        A) Superstitious, Potion, Magic, Front door, Vampire
        B) Magic, Potion, Front door, Vampire, Superstitious
        C) Front door, Vampire, Superstitious, Magic, Potion
        D) Vampire, Front door, Superstitious, Potion, Magic
2) Which is the correct order for group of words two?
        A) Lantern, Broomstick, Casket, Fear, Coffin
        B) Casket, Broomstick, Fear, Coffin, Lantern
        C) Fear, Coffin, Lantern, Casket, Broomstick
        D) Coffin, Fear, Lantern, Broomstick, Casket
3) Which is the correct order for group of words three?
        A) Blood, Cast, Supernatural, Death, Specter
        B) Supernatural, Cast, Death, Specter, Blood
        C) Death, Specter, Blood, Supernatural, Cast
        D) Specter, Death, Blood, Cast, Supernatural
4) Which is the correct order for group of words four?
        A) Specter, Pitchfork, Skeleton, Demon, Wizard
        B) Skeleton, Pitchfork, Demon, Wizard, Specter
        C) Demon, Wizard, Specter, Skeleton, Pitchfork
        D) Wizard, Demon, Specter, Pitchfork, Skeleton
5) Which is the correct order for group of words five?
        A) Knock, Demon, Terrify, Supernatural, Crypt
        B) Terrify, Demon, Supernatural, Crypt, Knock
        C) Supernatural, Crypt, Knock, Terrify, Demon
        D) Crypt, Supernatural, Knock, Demon, Terrify

Score =

Correct answers:

Exercise 2 – Identify Meaning of Spoken Definition

This exercise has a recording of 5 definitions of words from the Halloween vocabulary list. You need to identify the option (A-D) in each question that matches the recorded definition. 

ESL Halloween Listening Identification of Vocabulary Meaning

Listen to the recording of the meanings of the five vocabulary words given above and decide which word out of the options (A-D) in each question matches the meaning.

1) What is the meaning of the first definition in the recording?
        A) Fear
        B) Gravestone
        C) Party
        D) Lantern
2) What is the meaning of the second definition in the recording?
        A) Witchcraft
        B) Phantom
        C) Spider
        D) Repulsive
3) What is the meaning of the third definition in the recording?
        A) Strange
        B) Cemetery
        C) Werewolf
        D) Knock
4) What is the meaning of the fourth definition in the recording?
        A) Cobweb
        B) Demon
        C) Cast
        D) Skull
5) What is the meaning of the fifth definition in the recording?
        A) Ghost
        B) Full-moon
        C) Lantern
        D) Zombie

Score =

Correct answers:

Exercise 3 – Listening Comprehension

In this ESL Halloween listening exercise you have to answer the following questions after listening to the recorded passage. The passage is about children going trick-or-treating at Halloween.

The text of the listening passage has been included at the end of this page (click on the link to show it) so you can see it and check that you were able to understand the listening properly.

ESL Halloween Listening Comprehension

Listen to the recording of the passage about Halloween above and answer the following five questions.

1) Why do children carry a bag when trick-or-treating?
        A) To hold all the candy they get.
        B) They do not carry a bag.
        C) So they can carry gifts to give to friends.
        D) It is for their school books.
2) Why should children get dressed-up in a good costume?
        A) So no one will recognize them.
        B) So they will get more candy.
        C) So they look the same as their friends.
        D) So they do not get dirty.
3) Where are the houses that the children go trick-or-treating at?
        A) In another town.
        B) In the city center.
        C) In the street where they live.
        D) They do not go to other houses.
4) What would happen if a house did not have any candy?
        A) The children would give the house some candy.
        B) The children would walk away.
        C) The children would cry.
        D) The children would play a prank on the house.
5) What do children do once they have finished trick-or-treating?
        A) The go to bed.
        B) They eat candy.
        C) They feel unwell.
        D) They go to parties.

Score =

Correct answers:

Exercise 4 – Dictation

This exercise has a recording of a passage and you need to write it down. The passage is about someone who is going to a Halloween party at the weekend and they describe what they are going to do. The recording has the passage read slowly and then after that the passage read for a second time, but this has plenty of pauses in it so you have time to write. Also the punctuation has been spoken.

The text of this passage is also included at the end of this page so you can check how well you did when doing the ESL Halloween listening dictation exercise. Just click on the link to show the text.

Listening Comprehension and Dictation Passages

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