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This ESL cities reading page has a reading comprehension passage that is followed by several questions. Doing this reading task is a good way to start to learn to use and understand vocabulary about living in a city.

The ESL cities reading passage and questions on this page will help you learn the cities vocabulary.

When you do the task on this page you will be able to read and understand a passage about living in a city. You will have plenty of time to understand all the words that are used so you will be able to remember the vocabulary in this ESL cities reading task. You should read the following passage as carefully as you can so you can understand it fully.

When you have understood the ESL cities reading passage you should answer the following questions about it. You can use the get score button after the questions to see how many you got correct and what the answers are. If you need any help with any of the words used you can look at the ESL cities vocabulary page as this has a long list of words and their definitions all about living in a city.

ESL Cities Reading Comprehension Passage

Advantages of Living in a Big City

Do you live in a big city? It is said that living in big cities is expensive because of the high living cost. There are also pollution and traffic problems that make living in big cities unpleasant. However, many people enjoy living in big cities because they offer convenience and countless options for entertainment.

Many big cities already have good public transportation systems, which make it easy for the citizens to go anywhere around the city. This also reduces and helps overcome the problem of traffic jams that often occur at peak times. With the convenience of public transportation, the citizens do not have to drive everywhere and can save money as they do not have to pay for parking charges.

Staying healthy is everybody’s concern and in big cities you can find the best possible medical care for any diseases, especially the severe ones. Moreover, compared to rural areas, access to medical treatment is easier because there are always clinics or medical centers that open 24 hours in many parts of the city so you can get medical help anytime, as soon as you need it. Reaching hospitals is also easier as public transport is usually available 24 hours a day.

There is a saying that big cities never sleep. This is true for some cities in which the nightlife begins just when people in other cities are ready to go to bed. Big cities like New York, Madrid, London and Paris have vibrant nightlife. People can still find entertainment, dine out or go shopping into the early hours. 

City dwellers are usually more diverse and there are many communities that hold social events or parties, which provide interesting opportunities for social interactions and social networking. The social interactions allow you to learn about other cultures and share interests with people from different backgrounds, which makes you more open minded and able to understand individuals. On the other hand, the social networking helps you to broaden not only personal but also professional relationships.

All in all, living in big cities is more convenient because of the complete facilities provided. The advanced transportation system enables the citizens to access public facilities easier, cheaper and faster. Big cities also provide better education and health service. In addition, city life is more fun and exciting because there is a wide range of entertainment to enjoy and a lot of social events to attend. 

ESL Cities Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension questions that go with the above reading passage.

1) Why do many people like living in big cities?
        A) It is more expensive.
        B) It is more modern.
        C) It is more crowded.
        D) It offers more entertainment.
2) What is the advantage of a good public transportation system?
        A) People do not need to buy bus tickets.
        B) People do not need to drive their car everywhere.
        C) People can use public transport for free.
        D) People have to pay for parking charges.
3) Why is it easier to get medical treatment in big cities?
        A) Because medical treatment is more affordable.
        B) Because hospital facilities are more complete.
        C) Because ambulances are provided for free.
        D) Because medical centers open 24 hours.
4) What can people in big cities do in the early hours but people in rural areas cannot?
        A) Dine out
        B) Sleep
        C) Go jogging
        D) Travel
5) What is the benefit of attending social events?
        A) You can treat your friends.
        B) You can be a social person.
        C) You can learn about cultural diversity.
        D) You can be more open about yourself.

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