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This ESL university reading page has a reading passage and then some multiple choice question that are about the passage. By reading and understanding this passage you will be able to practice using university vocabulary.

The passage and questions on this ESL university reading page will let you practice using university vocabulary.

Doing reading exercises where you need to read a passage and then answer questions to test your understanding of it are good ways to reinforce the learning of vocabulary. You have time to read and understand the passage slowly and are able to stop and look up any words that you do not understand. This means that you will be able to see how vocabulary is used in a natural setting.

If you have any difficulty understanding any of the university vocabulary in the ESL university reading passage on this page you can use the ESL university vocabulary list to check the meanings of the words. Then when you have read the ESL university reading you should answer the questions that follow it to test your knowledge. When you have finished click the get score button to see how many you got correct.

ESL University Reading Comprehension Passage

How to Choose the Right University

Choosing which university fits your interests and academic background is an important decision that will greatly influence the success of your university study. In the UK alone, there are hundreds of choices and therefore you need to be strategic in making a shortlist of universities and narrowing down your choices into second and first choice. This involves weighing some factors such as your motivation and aspiration, your personality, your location, and your budget.

People attend university for different reasons, so ask yourself what you want from your target university and what you want to do after you graduate. Many people attend top universities because of the prestige without considering their choice of future career. If you have interest in a particular career, you should find universities with a better reputation for your career choice than others. With a degree from a university that is most respected in the profession you want to enter, it will be easy for you to get your dream job and you will be able to climb the career ladder fast.

Your personality types also play an important role in your success as a university student. A scholarly type student usually has self-motivation to work hard in order to ace exams and achieve high grades. This type of person will find comfort in a highly academic environment offered by top world universities such as Oxford or Cambridge. On the contrary, if you are not a type of person who can study for hours and getting top grades is not your main priority, you better go to a university with a more laid-back academic environment so that you will not be stressful all the time and can enjoy your life at university.

Coming home could be a good escape during your hard time at university, so think about the distance between your home and the target university. If you get homesick easily, you should not consider choosing a university outside your hometown or which takes more than a day to travel by land or water. However, if distance is not a problem for you, you might want to consider studying abroad, especially at a university whose reputation is better than the universities in your home country. 

Last but not least, calculate your financial ability, which should cover tuition fees and cost of living. Both vary across the country and different universities, so do your homework by doing some research in order to find out which one fits your bills. If you cannot afford to go to the university of your choice, you can search for financial aid in the forms of student loans, grant, or scholarship. Do remember that if you decide to obtain a loan, you have to pay for it after you finish your study.

ESL University Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension questions that go with the above reading passage.

1) Why do you need to choose the right university?
        A) Because it will make you happy.
        B) Because it has an impact on your success at university.
        C) Because life at university is difficult.
        D) Because the right university is difficult to find.
2) Which university should you go to if you already have a career choice?
        A) One with the lowest tuition fees.
        B) One that offers you a scholarship.
        C) One that has the highest prestige.
        D) One that has a good reputation in your future profession.
3) What type of student will enjoy a highly academic environment?
        A) A student who has self-motivation to work hard.
        B) A smart student who does not need to study hard for exams.
        C) A student who puts the highest priority on student societies.
        D) A student who does not have a part-time job.
4) Where should you study if you are prone to homesickness?
        A) Abroad.
        B) Outside your hometown.
        C) At your local university.
        D) At home.
5) What can you do if you do not have enough money to fund your study?
        A) Wait for a year to collect money.
        B) Find a full-time job.
        C) Choose to study online.
        D) Find a student loan or scholarship.

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