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This ESL meeting someone new writing page has a range of exercises to help you learn and use the vocabulary and phrases about meeting someone new. You will need to use this vocabulary when introducing yourself to new people, so it is good to practice it now.

If you have a big family you can use these ESL meeting someone new writing exercises to learn how to describe them.

The exercises on this page will give you the chance to practice using the vocabulary in a range of real-life situations. This will make you ready for when you need to actually introduce yourself. 

There are 3 exercises on this page:

  • Writing topics where you will have to introduce someone.
  • A passage about meeting new people that you will have to read and then write a summary of.
  • A couple of role-play situations where you will have to write the full scene.

ESL Meeting Someone New Writing Exercises

Exercise 1 – Writing Topics

Below there are 3 ESL meeting someone new writing questions for you to try. In each of them you will need to write about introducing someone. You should try to write as much as you can and be as detailed as possible. Choose one, or more, of the following topics and write a short passage.

  • Write an introduction for yourself.
  • Write an introduction for one of your friends.
  • Find information on the Internet and write an introduction for a famous person. 

Exercise 2 – Write a Summary

Read the following conversation between 2 people who have just met each other and write a summary of it. In the summary you should describe the 2 people that were having the conversation. Use full sentences to write your summary.

Summary Passage

Claire: Hello, I’m Claire. What is your name?
Brody: Hi, I’m Brody. It’s nice to meet you.
Claire: What do you do?
Brody: I am a student at Hull University.
Claire: What do you study?
Brody: I study geography. Are you a student?
Claire: No I work as a teacher.
Brody: How old are you?
Claire: I am 24 years old. What about you?
Brody: I am 23 years old.
Claire: Where do you come from?
Brody: I come from Southampton. It is on the south coast.
Claire: I went there for a holiday once. I come from Luton. It is near London. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Brody: Yes I have an older brother. He is 25 years old and still lives in Southampton. Do you have any siblings?
Claire: No, I am an only child.
Brody: What about your parents?
Claire: My mother works in a shop and my father is a mechanic. He works in a garage fixing cars.
Brody: My brother is also a mechanic. My mother is a housewife and father works as an electrician.
Claire: Would you like to go and get some coffee to drink?
Brody: Yes that would be nice. We could talk more.

Exercise 3 – Writing Role-Plays

In this ESL meeting someone new writing exercise you have been given two role-play situations. Each says the people involved, where it happens and what is happening. Use as many of the phrases or as much of the vocabulary you have learnt about meeting someone new as possible.

Role-play 1

  • Participants: Teacher, students (2 or more)
  • Location: Classroom
  • Situation: A teacher is meeting their new students for the first time and has asked them to introduce themselves.

Role-play 2

  • Participants: 2 people
  • Location: At a party
  • Situation: At a party in someone’s house 2 people meet for the first time.

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