ESL Kids Stationary Vocabulary

This ESL kids stationary vocabulary page has a word list with 20 words for your children to learn. These words will help them describe the items that they might need to use when writing or drawing and are at school.

The ESL kids stationary vocabulary on this page will teach your children lots of useful words.

To start with there is the stationary word list on this page. This has the 20 words as well as pictures of them so your kids can see what the word means. The words and their pictures have also been made into a set of flashcards that you can download and use anywhere when you are offline. After the picture flashcards there is a recording of the ESL kids stationary vocabulary being spoken by a native English speaker so you and your children can hear the correct way to pronounce the words.

Then after the vocabulary has been introduced in the first section, the second part of the page has downloadable material that you can use with your children to help them remember the words. The material is various games, worksheets and a wordsearch as pdf documents. The material is as follows:

  • 4 ESL kids games
  • 6 ESL kids worksheets
  • 1 wordsearch for kids.

ESL Kids Stationary Vocabulary List

The list in this section of the ESL kids station vocabulary page has 20 stationary words that will be useful for your children. There is a picture of each word so you can see what it means. It is good to let your children learn the words for a short time but quite often. Then after the list there is a set of picture flashcards and then a video so you can hear the correct pronunciation.



colored pencils







paper clip



pencil case

pencil sharpener


ring binder





Kids Stationary Vocabulary Picture Flashcards

These flashcards can be downloaded so you can carry then with you and use them wherever your children might be. It is also good for children to not look at a computer screen too much, so you can use these instead. Just click on the following picture or link to download the stationary picture flashcards.

Kids stationary picture flashcards

Spoken Stationary Vocabulary

The video in this section shows the flashcards from above at the same time that each word is spoken by a native English speaker so you can hear the correct way to pronounce the words. Your kids can watch the video so they know how to say each word. They should watch a few times and practice saying the words each time they watch the video and listen to the sounds of the words.

Worksheets and Games about Kids Stationary Vocabulary

Now that you and your children have seen and started to learn the words from above, this part of the page has downloadable material that you can use to learn the words with your kids. This part has several games, worksheets and a wordsearch. Each of these can be downloaded by clicking on the following links. When using these materials you should use one or two each day and then do the others on the following days so the material will last and it can be used to reinforce your kids’ learning each day.

ESL games for kids

ESL kids worksheets

Wordsearch for kids

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