ESL Kids Pets Things Vocabulary

The ESL kids pets things vocabulary on this page will help your children be able to talk about items related to owning a pet and looking after a pet. This complements the pets animals page that lists the names of the most common pets to own.

The ESL kids pets things vocabulary on this page will let your children talk about pets and owning a pet.

You can use the information and downloadable material on this page to help your children learn this useful vocabulary. To be able to use and communicate in English it is all about having a good and big vocabulary, so it is never too early to start working with your kids to learn some vocabulary. Just remember to do a little work quite frequently. So work a little bit each day rather than a lot just once a week.

The material on this page is presented in the following four sections:

  • Pets things vocabulary list.
  • Picture flashcards of the vocabulary.
  • A video of the vocabulary being spoken.
  • Games, worksheets and wordsearch for you to download.

ESL Kids Pets Things Vocabulary List

This section has a list of 20 vocabulary items with pictures so your children can see what the word means. After the list there are picture flashcards of the items for you to download and use at home. Then the list being spoken by a native English speaker has been recorded and is shown as a video with the picture flashcards.








Fish bowl





Pet shop








Kids Pets Things Vocabulary Picture Flashcards

The following flashcards are for you to download and use at home, or anywhere else, to teach your children the vocabulary. Just click the picture or link below to download the flashcards.

Kids pets things flashcards

Spoken Pets Things Vocabulary

The following is a video that you can watch and listen to of the vocabulary being pronounced by a native English speaker while the flashcards are shown. This way you and your kids can see the picture of the word and listen to its pronunciation at the same time.

Worksheets and Games about Kids Pets Things Vocabulary

Below there are links for you to download a range games, worksheets and a wordsearch to help your children learn the ESL kids pets things vocabulary. Just click on each link to download them. Use one or two each day and use them for a few days to reinforce the learning of the words.

ESL games for kids

ESL kids worksheets

Wordsearch for kids

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