ESL Kids Jobs Vocabulary

Children often want to think about what jobs they could do, and this ESL kids jobs vocabulary page will teach them the names of some of the most common jobs. Once they know all the names of these jobs they will be able to explain what they want to do.

This ESL kids jobs vocabulary will tech your children the names of many common and exciting jobs.

There is a wide range of different material on this page for you to use to help your kids get better at using and understanding English. You should chose the bits that you think will be best for your children and then use them. If possible try to work for a short time every day, as this is the best way to make sure your children remember the new vocabulary.

This page has the following sections:

  • ESL kids jobs vocabulary list.
  • Picture flashcards of the vocabulary.
  • Video of the vocabulary being spoken.
  • Lists of the games, worksheets and wordseach that you can download.

ESL Kids Jobs Vocabulary List

This section has the jobs vocabulary listed with pictures that match each word. You can use the pictures to show your children what each job is so they will understand the word. Then after the list there are the picture flashcards of the jobs vocabulary. You can download these and then use them at any time to quickly practice the words. The next section has a video of the vocabulary being spoken by a native English speaker.











Lorry driver / truck driver




Police officer






Kids Jobs Vocabulary Picture Flashcards

Below are some picture flashcards of the jobs vocabulary from the list above. You can download them by either clicking the following picture or the link after it. You can use the flashcards to practice the vocabulary with your kids whenever you have a little bit of free time.

Kids jobs flashcards

Spoken Kids Jobs Vocabulary

It is also important to be able to understand the vocabulary when it is being spoken and know how to say the words correctly. This part of the page has a video of the ESL kids jobs vocabulary being spoken by a native English speaker so you can hear the correct pronunciation. You should watch the video and listen to the vocabulary as often as you need to so that your children can learn the correct way to say the words.

Worksheets and Games about Kids Jobs Vocabulary

The last part of the page has links to all of the material that you can download to use at home to practice the vocabulary with your kids. By doing the games, worksheets and wordsearch you will help you children learn the ESL kids jobs vocabulary.

ESL games for kids

ESL kids worksheets

Wordsearch for kids

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