ESL Kids Color Vocabulary

This page is all about teaching ESL kids color vocabulary. Knowing the names of colors is important when kids need to explain or describe something.

This page has lots of material for you to use with your children to help them learn English vocabulary. You can select the items that you think are the best or just use them all. Just remember that it is best to work at learning a language a little and often, so try to learn some English each day.

This page has the following items to help you teach your kids the color vocabulary:

  • ESL kids color vocabulary list.
  • Picture flashcards of color vocabulary.
  • Video of spoken vocabulary with flashcards.
  • Lists of games, worksheets and wordsearch about color vocabulary.

ESL Kids Color Vocabulary List

The following list has the kids color vocabulary. You should use the list to teach your children the vocabulary words. After the list there are picture flashcards of the vocabulary for you to download and use at home. Then there is a video of the flashcards with the vocabulary being spoken by a native English speaker.
















Kids Color Vocabulary Flashcards

You can download and print the following flashcards to use at any time or anywhere to teach your children the color vocabulary. Just click on the picture of the flashcards or the link that follows it to download them.

Kids color flashcards

Spoken Kids Color Vocabulary

The following video has the kids color vocabulary being spoken by a native English speaker while the flashcards are shown. When watching this your children can hear the correct pronunciation. Listen to and watch the video as many time as you need to. Maybe every time to work to learn the vocabulary with your kids.

Worksheets and Games about Kids Color Vocabulary

This part of the page has links that you can use to download all of the other material that you can use to help learn the ESL kids color vocabulary. The individual section pages have more information and suggestions about how you could use each of the free downloads.

ESL games for kids

ESL kids worksheets

Wordsearch for kids

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