ESL Kids Bedroom Vocabulary

This ESL kids bedroom vocabulary page has a list of twenty words about the items that are found in bedrooms. Your kids see these items every day, so they are vocabulary items that are relevant to them so they will learn them more easily.

There are many words on this ESL kids bedroom vocabulary page for your children to learn.

The vocabulary list has a picture of each item so your children can see what each word means. Just show your kids the picture and say the word so they can learn it. You can use the ESL kids bedroom vocabulary flashcards to help with this. These can be downloaded and printed to use at home. There is also a recording of the vocabulary being spoken by a native English speaker so you and your kids can hear the correct pronunciation.

Then after the vocabulary list there is a section with games, worksheets and a wordsearch all about the ESL kids bedroom vocabulary that you can download and use at home to make sure your children remember the vocabulary. The downloadable material is as follows:

  • 4 ESL kids games.
  • 6 ESL kids worksheets.
  • 1 wordsearch for kids.

ESL Kids Bedroom Vocabulary List

The following twenty words make up the ESL kids bedroom vocabulary list, and you should try to get your kids to learn them. They can do that by looking at the list and pictures below, or by using the flashcards or video of the spoken vocabulary that follow the list. You should use whatever materials are the best to help your children learn the words.

alarm clock

bedside lamp

bedside table


bunk beds



clothes hanger

double bed

dressing gown

dressing table






pillow case

single bed



Kids Bedroom Vocabulary Picture Flashcards

You can use the following flashcards with your kids to learn the vocabulary when you are not connected to the Internet or when you do not want to look at a computer screen any more. Just click on the following picture or link to save the cards to your own computer so you can print them.

Kids bedroom picture flashcards

Spoken Bedroom Vocabulary

The video in this section has the flashcards being shown while the vocabulary is spoken by a native English speaker. By looking at and listening to the video you and you children will be able to hear the correct pronunciation. You can listen as often as you need to. Try to listen every day for a week or more so you can really learn the correct way to say the words.

Worksheets and Games about Kids Bedroom Vocabulary

This part of the ESL kids bedroom vocabulary page has material that you can download and print to use with your kids so they can practice the new vocabulary. You can use the links to download games, worksheets and a wordsearch. Use just a few items each day for a number of days so there is reinforcement of the material over time.

ESL games for kids

ESL kids worksheets

Wordsearch for kids

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