ESL Clothes Writing

A good way to learn clothes vocabulary is to do ESL clothes writing exercises, and this page has several tasks and activities for you to do.

ESL clothes writing tasks can help you get better at using the clothes vocabulary.

When you write you have time to think about the best word to use in each situation. This can help you learn the vocabulary much better as this extra thinking time will be useful. Therefore, doing clothes writing exercises is a good way to really learn the vocabulary well before you use it for speaking.

This page has 4 ESL clothes writing tasks for you to do. If you need any help choosing the best word to use you should visit the ESL clothes vocabulary page. The 4 tasks are as follows:

  • List of writing topics
  • Write a summary of a given passage
  • Write a description of a picture
  • Write some role-plays

ESL Clothes Writing Exercises

Exercise 1 – Writing Topics

For this first ESL clothes writing exercise there are 3 topics below that you should try to write something about. Pick one of them and then write as much as you can. Use as much of the clothes vocabulary as possible. Once you have finished writing about the first topic you can do the other two as well, as the more you write the better your English will get.

  • Where is your favourite place to buy clothes and why?
  • What sort of clothes do you like to wear, and why?
  • Describe the different types of clothes that different people wear.

Exercise 2 – Write a Summary

Below this you have a short passage that you need to write a summary of. You should keep the same information but try to change most of the words used. You can use a thesaurus to help you find new words. (Remember to write the words down in a vocabulary book so you can learn them fully later.)

Keeping up with Fashion

Nowadays most people feel they should keep up with the latest fashion when buying clothing and accessories. Young people often wear fashionable clothing which can be very expensive. When a new brand or design comes out in the shops it is not long until it is followed by another design. However, this does not stop people wanting the most up to date clothing. People often get to know of the latest fashion through the use of social media, magazines and newspapers. Some designs of clothing have even been associated with crime as the people that wear it usually does something to break the law. The clothing people wear when they play sports has changed over time. Many years ago football players wore baggy shorts and loosely fitted shirts. Nowadays players often play in tight fitting shorts and shirts. This can also be said for rugby.

Parents often find it very expensive to clothe a growing child. This is because a child is constantly growing and needs a larger size more regularly than an adult. Some designer items are so expensive it is not possible for people on an average salary to be able to afford them. People often wait for big sales to be promoted in the shops before they spend their money to buy an expensive fashionable item.  

Many countries around the world have their own traditional clothing which is worn for special occasions. People are often seen wearing very colorful outfits in festivals and carnivals which take place in certain countries of the world. Some countries follow strict rules regarding clothing when visiting places of religious belief. Tourists are also asked to respect the social rules regarding clothing when visiting. This can be seen especially in Thailand because people are encouraged to not visit a temple without first covering any revealing parts of their body. 

Exercise 3 – Describe a Picture

In this ESL clothes writing exercise you need to look at the following picture and imagine what is happening. Describe what the picture shows and then go on to explain why it is happening and what could happen next. Write as much as possible and give as many details as you can.

Exercise 4 – Writing Role-plays

In this final ESL clothes writing exercise you need to develop two role-play situations. For each role-play you have been given the people involved, where they are and what the situation is. You need to write what all the people would say to each other. Use as many clothes words as possible.

Role-play 1

  • Location: In a house
  • Situation: A group of friends are getting ready to go to a party and deciding what to wear.
  • Participants: 3 friends

Role-play 2

  • Location: In a clothes shop
  • Situation: A customer cannot decide which clothes to buy and the shop assistant tries to help.
  • Participants:  1 customer and 1 shop assistant

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