ESL at the Beach Writing

On this ESL at the beach writing page there are several writing tasks for you to do that will let you practice using beach vocabulary. This will be good as you will be able to stop and think about the best word to choose for a situation, while also letting you learn the words better.

The ESL at the beach writing tasks on this page will help you learn the at the beach vocabulary.

If you ever want to visit the beach with your friends, you will need to know the vocabulary to explain what you want to do. You can do the activities on this page to help you learn the vocabulary better. There are four tasks for you to do, and if you do them all you should get better at using the beach vocabulary. If you cannot think of the correct word to use while doing any of these ESL at the beach writing exercise then you can look at the ESL at the beach vocabulary page.

The four exercises on this page are as follows:

  • List of writing topics.
  • Summary writing task.
  • Writing a description of a picture.
  • Writing a role-play.

ESL at the Beach Writing Exercises

Exercise 1 – Writing Topics

In the first ESL at the beach writing task you should pick one of the following writing tasks and write as much as you can. Use full sentences and try to use as much of the at the beach vocabulary as you can. Try to write as much as you can. If you want to, you can also write about the other two topics once you have finished the first one.

  • Describe what you like to do when you go to the beach.
  • Describe the most popular beach in your country.
  • Explain what people should pack when they are going to the beach.

Exercise 2 – Writing a Summary

For the second ESL at the beach writing exercise you need to read and understand the following passage and then write a summary of it. A summary keeps the most important information but is shorter than the original. When writing a summary you need to use new words so they are different from the original.

Beach Trip Preparation

Going to the beach should be fun, and good preparation will guarantee you have fun at the beach.  Besides, you do not want to forget to bring the essentials, which can ruin your beach time. 

First, pick your beach clothes and an extra set of clothes. Choose light colored swimsuit to avoid absorbing the sunrays and if you surf, choose surf shorts that fit comfortably. Leave your extra clothes in your car or hotel room so that there will be no sand on them.

Beach protection is important for your convenience and health. To protect your skin and avoid sunburn, bring sunscreen and an umbrella. Use lip gloss with SPF to prevent your lips from burning and chapping. In addition, sunglasses are useful if you do not like the sun in your eyes.

Using towel to sit is common, but a straw mat or beach chair is a better option if you do not want to sit on the sand. Unlike towels, sand will not stick to a straw mat so you do not need to shake it off after using it, which avoids flinging sand at others.

Never forget to bring food and drink if you plan to stay at the beach all day. You may want to bring a cool box and pack it with various sorts of drinks and watery fruits to prevent you from getting dehydrated, especially during sunbathing. 

After walking along the shoreline and playing ball games, you may want to rest and sit back on your beach chair. To keep you occupied, you can bring your music player or favorite books. If you choose to bring music, also bring your head or earphones with you for everyone’s convenience. 

Finally, pack all your stuff into a beach bag instead of a conventional big bag as you will carry the bag around. Also bring plastic bags to put your sandy flip flops or slippers in while walking barefoot. 

Exercise 3 – Describing a Picture

Now in the third ESL at the beach writing activity you need to look at the following picture and write a description of what is happening. You should explain what the picture shows, as well as what might happen next or could have happened in the past. Write as much as you can.

Exercise 4 – Writing Role-plays

For the fourth ESL at the beach writing exercise you need to write a role-play by choosing one of the following role-play descriptions. You need to follow what is described in each role-play and just write what the people would say. Once you have finished writing your role-play, you can find some friends and get speaking practice by acting out your role-play.

Role-play 1

  • Location: At the beach.
  • Situation: A group of friends are trying to decide what to do.
  • Participants: At least three friends.

Role-play 2

  • Location: At the beach.
  • Situation: A group of friends are getting ready to go home and talking about what they did during the day.
  • Participants: At least three friends.

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