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Excellent ESL 4U E-zine, Issue #002 – Talking about Parties + More
December 19, 2015

Welcome to the second ezine from Excellent ESL 4U. This ezine has links to the newest topic about parties as well as the newest ESL kids topic about clothes. There are also links to topics from the archive of pages on the main site.

After that I will give you a tip about learning ESL that will hopefully help you get better. There will be a new tip each issue so keep reading the emails to get all the tips.

Then finally I will ask you for some questions about learning ESL or anything you need advice about. In the following issues of the ezine I will answer some of these questions.

Newest ESL Topic 4 U

The newest topic is all about parties. There is lots of vocabulary for you to learn and then many exercises about using the vocabulary when reading, writing, having a conversation or when listening. If you work though all of the following pages you will really learn about the party topic.

ESL party vocabulary
ESL party reading
ESL party writing
ESL party conversation
ESL party listening

ESL Topic from the Archive

The meeting someone new section of the site tells you all about the vocabulary you need to be able to talk to and have a conversation when you first meet a new person. This is good to know when you go to a party as you will probably meet lots of new people and need to be able to talk to them. This means that you will be confident going and talking to people that are not just your friends, and this will really help you get better at using English.

ESL meeting someone new vocabulary
ESL meeting someone new reading
ESL meeting someone new writing
ESL meeting someone new conversation
ESL meeting someone new listening

Newest ESL Kids Topic 4 U

The newest topic for kids on the Excellent ESL 4U site is all about the different types of clothes that you might need to wear or talk about. There are two pages and each has a vocabulary list and links to several worksheets that you can download and use to help your children learn English.

ESL kids clothes 1
ESL kids clothes 2

ESL Kids Topic from the Archive

The page about houses is another page that gives vocabulary to describe things that kids will see each and every day. It will help them to learn the words to see many of the items every day when they are at home.

ESL Kids houses

ESL Learning Tip

The more people that you talk to and interact with while using English the better you will get. So do not just practice English with your friends and teacher, but go online, maybe use Facebook, and find other English learners that you can practice using English with.

Your Questions

I want each issue of the ezine to help you get better at English, so I want to be able to answer your questions and give you the help that you need. If you have any questions about learning English or what you should do, you can email me them (just reply to the email address that the ezine came from).

I will pick one, or maybe two, questions to answer in each issue.

Thanks for subscribing to my ezine, and thanks for reading it. If you have any comments please let me know (by relying to the email).

Best wishes

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